Thursday, April 12, 2012

Podcast 01: Console vs PC

Using the fancy media bar, you can listen to the first Fans On Fire Podcast.

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  1. Just to put my two cents in about the apple thing...Okay, more about the iPod and iTunes - since apple computers are just...blah. I chose an iPod because of the huge memory. I had the choice of an 8 GB mp3 player, or an 80 GB iPod. Seemed simple for me. So I guess I have to be flogged now. It doesn't hurt that the iPods are sleek looking, though I really only care for the classic generation. It's really just preference. Was it hard to get used to? Yes. Is iTunes kind of junky and hard to manage at times? Yes. I didn't like how they handled at first, but ya know what? I got used to it. Now I like my iPod because I know how to use it and it's been pretty reliable. Hell, it used to be like my best friend. And also, my iPod can do some pretty neat things. I can have pictures up of the band/artist, as well as have the lyrics to follow along with. Every device has it's pros and cons. I put up with iTunes because I like my iPod. Notice I say MY iPod, and not iPod/Apple in general...I guess what I'm trying to say is, just because you don't like it doesn't make it the most terrible thing. Now that I've gotten so used to iTunes, it's hard to use anything else. That must be Apple's master plan, to assimilate people to their exclusive technology...>_>