Thursday, April 12, 2012

Okay so I guess I'm totally playing WoW

So this was a game that I never thought I'd play, although I admit that my reasons behind not wanting to play it were silly. But yeah, so now I'm playing it, and I'm loving it.

So what happened?

Well, a few of my friends play it, and they wanted me to start, so I did the trial a few times and came to the same conclusion. This isn't really that fun, but it is relaxing, but there's NO way in hell I'm doing this for 85 levels. Combat felt clunky, like an awfully implemented mix of real-time brawlers and turn-based RPG combat, quests were boring and repetitive, but the environments and presentation were superb.

A few months after my first few attempts at getting into it, I decided I'd give it another go via private server. I really didn't want to spend all that time leveling, but I did want to see some of the end game content. I still just couldn't fathom how this game had so many subscribers when there was so much boring garbage attached to the front 90%.

So I started playing on a private server with x12 experience, and this made it work. This made it easier for me to see what WoW was about, and how it could be fun. The early levels of WoW are really just world exploration. Azeroth is the most thorough iteration of a living fantasy world to date. A few elements of the game turn it into a race to 85, but really it's something to savor. Using the refer a friend, I got a quick 85 and immediately starting leveling alts. The hurdle that was keeping me out of the game is now the reason I play. It's still slow, still repetitive, but the detail that goes into the game is unfathomable. All the "throwaway" quests have meaningful characters, stories, and places that continuously add depth to an already colossal experience.

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  1. I try to get into it, but something about it seems...clunky. I don't know. i've done a few quests, but I really haven't been engrossed enough to play it much.