Friday, February 10, 2012

Real Time Strategy and the League of Legends

I really really enjoy the flow of StarCraft.  There's a lot I like.  The balance, the races, the tech, the battle...

I'm just not any good at it.  I've had the game for over 5 years now, and I've only completed the Terran missions... In the default campaign.  I finished roughly 4 of the Zerg missions in the core game, and about 2 of the Protoss.

I like this game.  It's just... hard.  Difficult... something.
I don't know if it's the micro-managing of the resources, or the paying attention... but I suck at the game.

Seriously, ask my friends.  They'll tell you.  I get a second base going, pbbbt, wiped out.

Not much I an do about 3 dozen carriers knocking at my door.  I try using Wraiths to counter.  Noooope.

Goliaths?  Also no.

So the obvious solution is to build defensively, right?   *buzzer*  By turtling like that, I run out of resources and don't have a supply to go on the attack with.

What about playing offensively then?  Well, i usually don't find the enemy base.  And when I do, they're also building offensively... but have built a bigger force, and better defenses.

So what about trying a different race.  Well, I suck with the Zerg, and I'm even worse with the Protoss... the expensive bastards.

So then I tried my hand at WarCraft III.  More of the same really.  Just more races.  I finished the human campaign, and then a little of the Undead.  The AI is much more forgiving in that game.  So I played a game online with some friends... well LAN, but whatever.  Anyways, only LAN game I played, I was about to win, then my laptop got unplugged.  This was the laptop with the crappy charger port, so I couldn't charge my battery.  So my computer was basically a more flimsy desktop in terms of power.  So the cord came out, my laptop turned off... my friend won... with almost no army or buildings remaining.

Haven't played since then.

I am not good at these types of games.  I can't scan my whole screen at once because of my vision.  I can't see the minimap to know glean the information I need.  Which leads to frequent lapses in judgement and mistakes.

This also transitions over to League of Legends.  In that game, you need need need need NEED to be able to multitask.  If you can't, well, I hope you enjoy people typing angrily in your direction.  Have to be able to know when someone goes missing from another lane, or when a specific neutral buff comes up.  And if you're trying to coordinate via text in the game, that's just another distraction for me.

I don't consider myself terrible at this game though.  It's less to manage.  Since you're only playing one character, and not a whole colony/race, I don't have to worry about these things.  The action in LoL is fun too.  Fast paced, and almost any character in the game can turn the tide of any battle in the right player's hands.

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  1. I don't believe there's much I can say about this post, but it's interesting to hear about things I don't normally look at.