Thursday, June 16, 2011

First Person Shooters, my thoughts

Let me begin by saying that I don't HATE FPS games.  I'm just on the best of terms with them.  But this sums up one thing that bugs me.

I will compare this to games that I enjoy...

                                                                        Team Fortress 2

                                                                          Deus Ex

The biggest similarity between them?  Fast paced shooting, with the only sight aiming coming from snipers.

Even Doom and Deus Ex suffer from this next one.  The color scheme of most shooters is pretty horrible.  I mean... it's bad.  There's a huge focus on browns and grays in these games anymore.  It's kind of... annoying. There's not much that distinguishes the games from each other.  There's not much I can detect from Call of Duty and Battlefield (From playing/screenshots).  I'm talking strictly based off graphics here.

I don't know... maybe I'm being too rough on the genre, but I can't find anything to really to latch onto to like the genre.  The genre seems to have stagnated ever since Destructable Enviornments were introduced.  Nothing really fascinating has come since.  It's almost formulaic as how the games are made.  Cover based shooting is kind of irksome to me.  I prefer faster paced games when it comes to shooters.  Shoot fast, run fast, react fast, be careful of what little life you have.  That used to be part of the challenge.  Do I rush in?  Do I have enough life to survive a rush?  Or do I take it carefully, moving slowly?  Or do I try to find health before rushing?  These types of questions make you assess your skill and the situation at hand.  Personally, I liked that, but eh.


  1. Good article. I highly recommend Unreal Tournament 2004. It has all of the great thing about FPSs that you mentioned, and a color palette that includes every color, not just grey and brown.

  2. Not to mention that every game has regenerating health so you don't even have to assess those options anymore.

  3. I forgot completely about regenerating health... God damn does that mechanic piss me off sometimes. Especially when it regenerates REALLY fast...

  4. As someone who frequently criticizes some of the mentioned games, I think it's nice that we have to choice to play something deep or something that's just kind of mindless and repetitive. The issue is just that business has found a niche in video games (particularly these kinds) and so now all we see is mindless hallway shooters.

  5. Also, Doom is only grey-and-brown for the first episode. :/

  6. Why exactly does color play such an importance in gaming? I hear people say things like that a lot and I can't help but to think that art can exist without color.

  7. I like being able to distinguish my games by how they look. Color plays a role in that. First person shooters are lacking in this. Looking at screenshots of random, current Gen shooters, I doubt I could id many of them.